Weekly roundup: December 6, 2019

Mixcloud, the UK based music streaming service, has been breached leaving an estimated 20 million users’ account information exposed. The hack which obtained email addresses, usernames and passwords were placed on the dark web for sale for $4,000, according to Market Research Reporting. Mixcloud has since issued a security notice confirming “that hackers sought and gained unauthorized access to some of our systems.”

A joint takedown of global proportions took place this week, putting a stop to the dangerous hacking tool “the Imminent Monitor Remote Access Trojan” otherwise known as (IM-RAT). This trojan, which could be installed on victims’ computers without their knowledge allowed cybercriminals to not only disable antimalware and antivirus software on the device but even more frighteningly watch their targets via their webcams, gain access to information such as keystrokes, passwords and much more for just $25. The investigation was a joint venture between the Australian Federal Police (AFP), Eurojust and Europol.

VivaLNK, one of the world’s top mHealth developers has received “Class IIa medical device CE Mark “ for its wearable vital sensor (this refers to devices that are used on the body for a short period of time, which have been given the all-clear on the EU market.) This tiny, reusable medical patch weighs just over 0.2 ounces and can monitor multiple vital signs. The patch can be used over ten times and comes with a software development kit (SDK) allowing for easy application development. Such a device can provide healthcare professionals with the ability to monitor patients with a number of conditions remotely.

Boating safety manufacturer Plastimo and wireless network company Sigfox are collaborating on a new project, which will offer geolocations at sea. This first of a kind partnership will utilize Eutelsat, Sigfox’s sister company which operates the ELO nano-satellite constellation. The objective is that Plastimo life jackets and rafts can be located at sea, bringing a new generation of safety to the boating industry for the first time.