University students create the first brain-controlled video game

NeurAlbertaTech, a group of undergraduate students from the University of Alberta have produced the first-ever mind-controlled video game using neurotechnology. The students formed the group to compete in the international NeuroTechX contest and was awarded with fifth-place after spending only two months developing the video game. The two-dimensional game, called AlphaBlaster, utilizes technology that measures the […]

5G Cloud Gaming

LG U+ to launch NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service for its 5G customers

LG U+ has joined forces with NVIDIA to launch a 5G cloud gaming platform. GeForce NOW is the first of its kind, allowing users to play hundreds of games on 5G-enabled smartphones or PCs without downloading them to their devices. The gaming platform is the first in the world to utilize 5G technology for game streaming, which […]


Angry Birds to be Launched in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Formats

Rovio Entertainment, the creators of Angry Birds, are releasing the game in virtual reality and augmented reality formats. The game is being developed with Resolution Games, a Swedish studio that recently raised $7.5 million to boost its virtual reality and augmented reality game development. The augmented reality game, Angry Birds: FPS (short for First Person […]