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TechSee Releases Findings of Its Smart Home Survey

TechSee, a company providing the first cognitive visual support solution powered by augmented reality and artificial intelligence, has released the findings of its latest survey on smart home support.   According to the findings, almost 40% of the participants have at least one smart device in their homes. Light users, or participants with just one […]

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Bose Launches New Portable Smart Home Speaker

Source: Bose, Bose Portable Home Speaker Bose has announced the launch of the Bose® Portable Home Speaker, a multifaceted, compact speaker integrating Bluetooth, voice control, and 360-degree sound with battery power. The compact speaker which will be available from September 19th in Luxe Silver and Triple Black boasts the most bass above any other smart-portable […]

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Amazon rolls out ‘whisper mode’ for Alexa

Amazon Alexa’s new whisper mode went live last week. The feature, initially demonstrated at Amazon Alexa’s event in Seattle in September, allows users to whisper normal Alexa commands and Alexa to respond by whispering back to you. It is thought the new whisper mode will be helpful to parents who don’t want to wake a […]