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The last few months have seen an unprecedented increase in cybersecurity attacks, both on companies and individuals, so if you don’t already have effective security protection on your computers and devices, now is the time to get it. While it can be difficult to know which products and packages are going to offer the best […]


Living Security Raises $5 Million to Help Big Enterprise With Security Awareness Training in a Work From Home World

Living Security, a provider of security awareness software for enterprise customers has announced a $5 million Series A funding round. The round was led by Silverton Partners with participation from existing investor Active Capital and new investors Rain Capital and SaaS Venture Partners. Texas based Living Security was launched in 2017 with its innovative Cyber […]


Microsoft Leads Coordinated Takedown of Necurs Botnet

Microsoft has taken a major step towards stopping the malware distributor, Necurs botnet. The computerized network  cybercriminals in Russia is renowned for some of the nastiest viruses out there including Locky, RockLoader, Bart, and Globeimposter.  The malware distributor is reported to have attacked over 9 million computers worldwide, which were then used as endpoints to […]

Autonomous vehicles Cybersecurity

McAfee Investigation finds autonomous cars can be hacked through AI system

A new investigation conducted by McAfee has found that connected cars may be at risk of being hacked through the vehicles’ artificial intelligence (AI) system. The method, which the company has called “model hacking” allows a person to over-ride and control a car’s software resulting in major safety concerns, along with creating an unclear future for […]

Cybersecurity Data Breach

250 Million Microsoft Records Exposed Online

250 million Microsoft records containing sensitive information from the past fourteen years have been found on the web, exposed and left accessible without any password protection or authentication. The data, found by security researchers from Comparitech on five Elasticsearch servers each holding identical datasets pertaining to discussions between Microsoft clients and service agents, from 2005 […]

Cybersecurity Networking

5 Benefits of a VPN

A Virtual Private Network is a connection method used to increase security and privacy to private and public networks. They are mostly used by corporations to protect sensitive data but are becoming increasingly popular for personal use as people look for smarter ways to protect their data and privacy.  A VPN replaces the user’s initial […]

Cybersecurity Data Breach

267 million Facebook users’ personal information leaked in latest data breach

A database has been uncovered containing over 267 million Facebook users IDs, phone numbers, and names, exposed on the web for anyone to access without a password or any other authentication. The database was discovered by Comparitech and Bob Diachenko, a security researcher and is believed to have been gathered by cybercriminals from Vietnam. The […]

Cybersecurity Data Breach

Keeper Security survey finds nearly 3 in 4 retailers have been attacked by cybercriminals

Keeper Security has released the findings of its 2019 Global State of Cybersecurity in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses survey. The findings revealed that almost 3 out of 4 retailers have already fallen victim to cybercriminals and that over 50% of these companies are yet to come up with a sufficient defense strategy. The study, which evaluated […]

Cybersecurity Opinion

The More Cybersecurity Changes, the More It Stays the Same

– It is time for an evolution in cybersecurity that focuses on adversary disruption – Despite major advancements in technology, the global approach to cybersecurity has remained the same for decades: respond and recover. The same vulnerabilities are repeatedly exploited in similar ways, and this trend shows no signs of slowing because current security tools […]

Cybersecurity Data Breach Opinion

Meeting the Threat in 2019: Cybersecurity for the Insurance Industry

– Envisioning a Future of Prevention –  In May 2018, insurance company Aflac revealed that it had been the target of a successful cyberattack that led to a data breach and the possible exposure of customers’ sensitive personal information. The attack occurred via a hack of independent contractors’ email accounts.[1] Similarly, in 2014, Anthem, a […]

Cybersecurity Internet of Things IoT

Global Cyber Alliance Launches Cybersecurity Development Platform for IoT Devices

The Global Cyber Alliance, a global, cross-sector effort dedicated to eradicating cyber risk has launched the Automated IoT Defence Ecosystem (AIDE). The cybersecurity platform enables small businesses, manufacturers, service providers and individuals to identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks and secure IoT devices against the growing number of attacks on IoT devices. The AIDE platform automatically collects data […]


Trinity Cyber Secures $23 Million in Funding to Redefine Cybersecurity by Disrupting Cyber Attacks

Trinity Cyber has secured $23 million in funding from investors led by Intel Capital. Trinity Cyber’s new technology proactively intercepts and controls cyberattacks before they reach a customer’s network. The stealth interception of external threats is a significant complement to existing cybersecurity solutions. The company’s approach is unique because it does not compete with traditional, […]

Cybersecurity Data Breach

Capital One Data Breach Affects 100 Million in U.S.; Cybercriminal Arrested

Capital One has announced that it has suffered a data breach affecting approximately 100 million individuals in the US and approximately 6 million in Canada. The company determined that there had been unauthorized access by an outside individual who obtained certain types of personal information relating to people who had applied for Capital One credit […]


461,091 Customer Accounts Compromised in UNIQLO and GU Japan Hack

Fast Retailing, Asia’s largest retail holding company has confirmed that an excess of 461,091 customer accounts has been hacked. Fast Retailing became aware of unauthorized logins to customer accounts on the retailer’s UNIQLO Japan and GU Japan online store websites. The company has confirmed that 461,091 unauthorized logins occurred between April 23 to May 10. […]


Japananese Government to develop malware to fight cyberattacks

According to the Japan Times, The Japanese government has announced the development of malware, consisting of viruses and backdoors which will be the countries’ first form of cyber-weaponry. Japan is the latest country to create a cyber-arsenal following in the footsteps of the USA, UK, and Germany. The technology is to be produced by private […]

Cybersecurity Facebook

540 Million Facebook User Records Exposed

Facebook is facing yet another incident of users’ data being exposed, this is the latest in a number of data breaches since 2018. Australian cybersecurity company, UpGuard, discovered a large cache of data during routine checks on the Amazon S3 servers containing more than 540 million Facebook user records including account names, ID numbers, reactions, and […]

Cybersecurity Facebook

Facebook Experiences Largest Outage To Date

Social media giant, Facebook is dealing with the aftermath of its largest outage in the history of the company.  Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger have all been affected by the partial outage across North America and Europe, beginning March 13, 2019. During this time, users could open the apps but could not access many […]

Cybersecurity IoT

Japan to Hack 200 Million IoT Devices in Preparation for Olympics

The Government-backed National Institute of Information and Communications Technology is preparing a national sweep of approximately 200 million IoT devices in preparation for upgrades to cybersecurity ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, according to officials. The Japanese Government approved a legal amendment giving the green light to this unique course of action on January 25, 2019. […]

Cryptocurrency Cybersecurity

Turkish Firm Falls Victim to Cryptocurrency Heist of $2.47 million

A Turkish based cryptocurrency company has been the target of a cryptocurrency heist totaling $2.47 million. The company, which has not been named, alerted authorities to the hack upon discovering the Bitcoin, Ether, and XRP tokens were missing from the firm’s wallets. The Istanbul Cybercrime division has confirmed that the funds had been transferred from two […]


Quora Suffers Data Breach Affecting 100 Million Users

The questions-and-answers website, Quora, is the latest victim of a data breach which is estimated to have affected over a hundred million users. The company was co-founded by former Facebook employees, Adam D ’Angelo and Charlie Cheever in 2009. The company’s website,, allows questions to be asked, answered, edited, and organized by its community of […]


BreachWatch Launches New Dark Web Monitoring Tool

The cybersecurity startup, Keeper Security, has launched BreachWatch, a service which monitors the dark web for users’ hacked information. BreachWatch provides in-depth monitoring of the dark web, for compromised credentials. Allowing the user to be notified in real-time, if their details have been part of a breach. The app then prompts the user to update […]


Yahoo to pay $50m to 200 million mega-hack victims

Following the mega-hack in 2013, web service provider Yahoo has reached an agreement where they will pay $50m in damages to 200 million people affected by the security breach. The breach affected a total of three billion accounts. This mega-hack allowed cyber criminals to gain access to a users’ personal information including names, email addresses, […]


North Korean hacker group, Lazarus, steals $571 million in crypto attacks

Lazarus, the North Korean hacker group, is responsible for stealing $571 million in cryptocurrency attacks according to the Hi-Tech Crime Trends 2018 report by cybersecurity vendor, Group-IB. According to Group-IB, Lazarus was behind five hacking attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges, including one particular attack on Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, which resulted in $534 million was stolen. […]