Facebook announces new policy banning deepfakes

Facebook has released a policy that will ban deepfakes as they surface on the social media platform, and remove existing ones if its meets certain criteria. Deepfakes, the technology which is created using machine learning technology by taking a real image or video and superimposing fake content can often involve a celebrity or politician.  The […]

Samsung’s AI Technology Generates Talking Deepfakes From A Single Image

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1b5aiTrGzY Samsung has developed deepfake technology that is able to take a single image and bring it to life, according to a paper published by Samsung’s Moscow-based researchers. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) the researchers have taught a connectionist system to study facial expressions and then utilizes the learned information to animate paintings, […]


IBM Ends All Facial Recognition Business As CEO Calls Out Bias And Inequality IBM CEO, Arvind Krishna, has announced that the company will end all its facial recognition business following criticism over privacy concerns and… Facebook Bets Big On India With $5.7 Billion Reliance Deal May 14, 2020 Facebook is set to spend $5.7 billion […]