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Facebook announces new policy banning deepfakes

Facebook has released a policy that will ban deepfakes as they surface on the social media platform, and remove existing ones if its meets certain criteria.

Deepfakes, the technology which is created using machine learning technology by taking a real image or video and superimposing fake content can often involve a celebrity or politician. 

The technology, which is getting more accurate to the point where it is nearly impossible to distinguish between the real person and the fake one, has raised concerns over fake news and security issues. 

In a statement, Vice President of Global Policy Management at Facebook, Monika Bickert explains the different types of manipulated media and how the company intends to address it. In September 2019 Facebook announced they would invest $10 million into deepfake detection technology which will be utilized to spot prohibited videos. Bickert writes, “We will remove misleading manipulated media if it meets the following criteria: It has been edited or synthesized – beyond adjustments for clarity or quality – in ways that aren’t apparent to an average person and would likely mislead someone into thinking that a subject of the video said words that they did not actually say. And It is the product of artificial intelligence or machine learning that merges, replaces or superimposes content onto a video, making it appear to be authentic.”

The new restrictions will not apply to satire or parody content. Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, has himself fallen victim to deepfake technology when a video surfaced where he appears to credit a secret organization for the achievements of the platform.

Facebook has been facing backlash following its refusal to remove a doctored video of the US House of Representatives Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, which was altered to make her slur her speech. Facebook gave a statement to clarifying the new policy. “The doctored video of Speaker Pelosi does not meet the standards of this policy and would not be removed. Only videos generated by artificial intelligence to depict people saying fictional things will be taken down,” 

Facebook will continue to remove content containing hate speech, graphic violence, nudity, and voter suppression.