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Samsara Launches its Smart Luggage Range Enabling Real-Time Tracking

Source: Samara, Samsara tracking technology locating lost baggage

Samsara Luggage is set to launch its new range of smart luggage, equipped with the latest IoT tracking technology. Last year alone 24.8 million pieces of baggage were misplaced and it is for this reason that the company has designed a bag for the new generation of travellers.

The smart luggage, which will be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show, will allow owners to track the location of their baggage in real-time. Previous luggage trackers would provide an estimated location, rather than an exact one. The tracking technology used in the luggage range most closely resembles the GPS that is used by ride-hailing companies.

The bag which is made out fire-proof, aviation-grade aluminum, is designed to be used as a mobile desk and is fitted with a power station allowing the traveller to charge devices such as laptops and mobile phones. Users will be able to track the location of the luggage but will also be notified via the Samsara app if the baggage has been opened or if it is out of range.

The bag complies with all TSA regulations, allowing passengers to check-in or carry-on their luggage without any issues.  Co-founder and CEO of Samsara Luggage, Atara Dzikowski, spoke of the companies latest addition stating, “Consumers no longer need to rely on tracking methods that only offer estimated location services.  Samsara is the first to bring a precise location data technology that complies with all regulations to the smart travel marketplace.”     

Kathy Ireland a member on Samsara’s Board of Advisors has said, “Samsara is a unique and visionary company. Samsara continues to develop the best travel technology on the market, providing global travelers with a state-of-the-art travel experience.  This new and disruptive tracking technology aims to minimize the aggravation and hassle associated with lost luggage, which many travelers experience.  As Samsara continues to focus on strategic solutions for the tech-savvy traveler, we look forward to bringing our customers the most cutting-edge, smart, luxury luggage on the market today.”

Here is never losing another bag in an airport again, and for those of you out there that are environmentally conscious once you are done with your smart suitcase, it can even be recycled.