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CUJO AI Platform Surpasses 500 Million Monitored, Protected Connected Devices

CUJO AI, a company using Artificial Intelligence to improve the security, control and privacy of connected devices in homes and businesses, has announced that it has surpassed 500 million connected devices under monitoring worldwide.

The CUJO AI platform uses an advanced set of machine-learning algorithms to detect, recognize and classify connected devices, used applications and web content, security threats, and privacy risks from vast amounts of network data.

CUJO AI assists with network monitoring, intelligence and protection on fixed networks, mobile networks and wi-fi around the world. CUJO AI has previously announced telecom operators Comcast and Charter Communications as customers.

With IoT adoption continuing to grow, there is growing concern about around cybersecurity. CUJO AI models can safely detect data security threats, problematic content or privacy breaking concerns that affect consumer and business networks, blocking them before they can cause harm. According to CUJO AI survey, 44.2% of consumers rely on their internet service provider for protection, and 85.2% of respondents claim that cybercrime prevention should be a combined effort, led by internet service providers and end-users among other entities.

“Today marks a significant milestone for our company. CUJO AI technology covers more than 500 million connected devices in real time, demonstrating our market scale and proven ability to meet broadband operators needs around the world. More importantly, our customers are reporting increases in customer satisfaction, decreases in customer support cost, and the ability to drive incremental revenue. We will continue to pioneer AI in order to create smarter and safer environments for people and all their connected devices,” said Einaras von Gravrock, CEO of CUJO AI.

Microsoft recently announced IoT Signals, a report on the IoT landscape. From the respondents who took part in the survey, it was predicted that 30% of their company’s revenue will be due to IoT by 2021. 85% of the respondents were in IoT adoption, and 75% have IoT projects in the planning. However, almost all respondents, in fact 97%, said they have security concerns when implementing IoT, but that it is not hindering adoption.