5G Cloud Gaming

LG U+ to launch NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service for its 5G customers

LG U+ has joined forces with NVIDIA to launch a 5G cloud gaming platform. GeForce NOW is the first of its kind, allowing users to play hundreds of games on 5G-enabled smartphones or PCs without downloading them to their devices. The gaming platform is the first in the world to utilize 5G technology for game streaming, which is up to ten times faster than 4G mobile connectivity.

On Tuesday, LG U+  announced that from early September, Geforce Now will initially be available free of charge to 

those who use LG U+’s 5G Premium phone plan to try out the service in advance by downloading the GeForce NOW app from app stores. About 150 game titles are going to be available and streaming will use approximately 6 GB of data an hour.  The PC version of GeForce NOW can be downloaded from the LG U+ website. 

GeForce NOW  is expected to be commercialized October 31 although the price is yet to be announced.

GeForce NOW means that there is no need for traditional gaming hardware, provided you have a smart device with a 5G connection or a PC with gigabit capable speeds. 

Lee Sang Min, LGU+ 5G business head said in a statement following the announcement, “We will continue to strengthen our competitive edge for 5G technology by providing our customers with new user experiences including augmented reality, virtual reality, and gaming.”

Cloud game experience zones are being launched at 100 LG U+ stores across South Korea from Sept 2.

NVIDIA has been offering a beta program of the GeForce NOW service for free in North America and Europe. Although not officially launched, it has emassed about 300,000 users with more than one million are waiting to be accepted into the program.