Essenlix Develops the World’s Smallest, Simplest, and Lowest-Cost Blood Count Device

Essenlix Corporation has announced the development of the world’s smallest, simplest, and lowest-cost blood count device – iMOST-CBC (instant mobile self-test for complete blood count). The company is a provider of instant personal mobile health test solutions using nanotechnology, machine learning and advanced biology to develop the health test solutions.

Essenlix’s iMOST is an instant personal, mobile, health self-testing platform, allowing an individual to perform health tests easily, quickly, accurately, and affordably. Results are 

available in 60 seconds, which can be sent immediately to a healthcare professional. The first application of iMOST will be iMOST-CBC. CBC or complete blood count is a vital sign of a person’s health, and one of the most common but important lab tests.

iMOST-CBC is comprised of an iMOST Card about the size of a post-stamp (1 in x 1.3 in x  0.04 in), an iMOST reader that’s similar in size to a matchbox (1.5 in by 1.7 in by 0.87 in), a smartphone for the hardware, plus iMOST software. iMOST-CBC is about 100 times smaller than the size of today’s smallest CBC device, and is 1,000, and 10,000 times smaller than the desk-top and enterprise CBC instruments, respectively.

A finger prick for one droplet of blood that goes directly to the iMOST Card, is then inserted into an iMOST Reader that’s attached to a smartphone running the iMOST application.

iMOST-CBC has gone through over four years of development and extensive laboratory tests and clinical trials. iMOST-CBC has not yet been cleared by the FDA but is available for research use.

“iMOST-CBC is the first demonstration of many potential applications of iMOST,” said Dr. Stephen Chou, Co-founder and Chairman of Essenlix Corporation. “Our next step is to accelerate the demonstration and the speed to bring the iMOST – the instant personal mobile health test platform to the market and the people.”