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Stratfor Launches Geopolitical Risk Monitor Tool to Anticipate and Monitor Global Change

Stratfor, the Texas-based leading geopolitical intelligence company, has announced the launch of its Geopolitical Risk Monitor (GRM).

The Geopolitical Risk Monitor, available to Stratfor Worldwide Enterprise clients, offers users the opportunity to explore geopolitical risk calls organized by vital intelligence questions Stratfor analysts are focusing on for a given time period. Clients can consider the impact of scenarios and implications across a number of industry sectors, identifying risks of a customer’s specific business enterprises and much more.

Chip Harmon, Stratfor President spoke about the company’s latest product saying, “There’s no other product like this in the marketplace, Stratfor is excited to showcase the innovative work our team is doing to accurately forecast and anticipate the world’s most complex geopolitical risks.”  

“With time constraints and the pace of change facing all of our customers, we wanted to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for clients to understand the full intelligence picture our analysts are tracking,” said Ken Maranian, Stratfor’s Chief Product Officer. “The GRM does just that by giving clients unfettered access to all the calls we’re making; the most likely scenarios and plausible alternatives underlying each major call; and the key assumptions and main signposts our analysts are tracking across each geopolitical development. This new product will serve as both an information clearing-house for our clients as well as a platform for them to engage directly with our analysts.”

Corporations, governments, individuals, and investors face geopolitical risks every day, Stratfor aims to provide insight into global events and the impact they will have on each industry.