Computer Generated

Insta model, Imma, has clocked-up 75k followers but isn’t actually real

Source: Imma.gram

An Instagram model called Imma, has emassed over 75,000 followers but this isn’t your typical model. Imma is computer generated although most people would not be able to tell. 

The 3D rendered human was designed by Tokyo based Modeling Cafe, a company that specializes in computer-generated modeling.


The digital beauty appeared alongside human models Mayben and Aria for Kate cosmetics in Vice’s i-D site. The designers of the spread were intrigued by the “Kawaii“, cuteness culture from Japan. This style is evident in Imma’s realistic look, of dark roots and neon pink hair. The models are wearing real and virtual make-up created by the makeup artist, Torii.

The magazine published a question and answers advertorial interview with all three models. An example of one of the questions posed was: Who was affected by “beauty”? Imma’s Answer: 

“Björk. Her work always crosses real and unreal. According to the song of All is Full of Love, it is possible for AI to understand love, which can be anything that you imagine.”  While her answers are clearly fabricated by her creators, the technology already exists for her to think and answer for herself.

Imma’s presence has since created a stir in the modeling and acting world, making some question how long it will take before their positions are filled by an AI generated humans.

Modeling Cafe is not the only company creating ultra-realistic computer generated people. In February 2019, Uber software engineer, Philip Wang, created a website that uses NVIDIA StyleGAN to create AI generated faces of people.