461,091 Customer Accounts Compromised in UNIQLO and GU Japan Hack

Fast Retailing, Asia’s largest retail holding company has confirmed that an excess of 461,091 customer accounts has been hacked.

Fast Retailing became aware of unauthorized logins to customer accounts on the retailer’s UNIQLO Japan and GU Japan online store websites. The company has confirmed that 461,091 unauthorized logins occurred between April 23 to May 10.

This type of breach, known as list type account hacking, when user IDs and passwords are potentially leaked from other services, meant that customer names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, gender, date of birth, purchase history, as well as partial credit card information, were amongst the information compromised.

Fast Retailing said in a statement, “We deeply apologize to our customers and pledge to prevent this from happening again.” The company has since taken preventative measures invalidating the passwords of the hacked users accounts. They have also urged all the affected users to reset their passwords to its online stores.

The breach occurred despite Fast Retailing investing a hefty sum of money into its e-commerce division recently.

Shares of Fast Retailing were down less than 1% at 11:02 a.m. Tuesday in Tokyo, while the benchmark Topix index slipped 0.9% according to Bloomberg.