Trump and FCC announce US 5G initiatives

U.S President Donald Trump announced alongside Ajit Pai, Chairman of The Federal Communications Commission(FCC), a number of measures that are to be put into place to encourage the growth of 5G across America.

In the ongoing race to be the first nation with 100% 5G commercial network coverage, the FCC and Trump administration will auction off spectrum, in the biggest auction of its type in the country’s history. The auction will offer carriers the opportunity to bid on the additional spectrum bands which will “promote the development of 5G”, according to the FCC.

Another initiative to be implemented is the altering of the current regulations for Fixed Satellite Service operators, allowing them to provide advanced service to their clients using the 50 GHz spectrum.

During the announcement, Trump committed the country to the completion of ninety-two 5G markets by the end of 2019, in comparison to South Korea with their estimated forty-eight during this period.

5G technology is the next step in the wireless technology era and goes hand in hand with the development of new technologies like self-driving vehicles and IoT( Internet of Things).

Trump added in his statement, “The race to 5G is on and America must win, according to some estimates, the wireless industry plans to invest $275 billion in 5G networks, creating 3 million American jobs quickly, and adding $500 billion to our economy.”

American telecommunications company Verizon, recently launched 5G commercial services in Chicago and Minneapolis in the race to beat South Korea to becoming the worlds first commercial 5G.

Pai also announced the creation of the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, which will allocate money to price cap carriers through reverse auction, to build infrastructure for high-speed broadband in rural America.