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Cashier-Free Amazon Go Stores Set To Disrupt Airport Retail

Amazon Go, the one of a kind grocery store, with no lines and no check out could be expanding into airports around America.

This Go store format is operated by online book giant and was launched in January 2018 in four locations around the USA. This state of the art store concept allows customers using their Amazon account and Smartphone to simply walk in, shop and walk out.

Using a number of technologies including cameras, deep learning algorithms, sensor fusion and computer vision this cashierless store has been designed to streamline the customers shopping experience.

Now according to reports Amazon Go has set its sights on expanding into top U.S airports, targeting travellers who are pressed for time.

The public received word about an email from June where a technology adviser at LAX notified a concessions official that “The lead for Amazon Go requested a meeting.” After that meeting took place an airport information technology manager wrote: “I am looking forward to moving forward with the Amazon Go technology at the airport.”

Officials says that to date they have had no further discussions with Amazon Go and advise that the company would have to undergo a competitive bidding process to become a concessionaire, which is the norm for retailers in U.S airports.