Artificial Intelligence

AI Artwork Fetches $432,500 at Christie’s Auction

A portrait ‘painted’ using Artificial Intelligence (AI) has sold for a staggering $432,500 during the Prints & Multiples sale at Christie’s.

The piece which depicts a slightly blurry chubby man in a dark frock-coat and white collar, was only estimated to fetch $7,000 to $10,000.

The artwork is part of a collection created by the Paris-based collective Obvious. The collection is an arrangement of several portraits based on the fictitious Belamy family.

The artworks were made by using an AI method called generative adversarial network or GAN. Obvious has previously commented that the artwork was made as an experiment “in the interface between art and artificial intelligence”

Some have commented that the AI artwork fetching such a large sum of money could be an indicator that AI could be arts next medium.