3D Printing

Dutch couple create 3D printed Solar Voyager for Antarctica adventure

A Dutch duo fed up with tossing away plastic, have engineered a solar-powered vehicle made out of plastic waste. This invention has led to the Clean2Antartica movement, which will see this solar-powered electric vehicle, driving on Antarctica.

The process of constructing this plastic masterpiece started by shredding plastic and melting it into filament and then 3D printing on a small scale.  They then applied these same ideas on an industrial scale, using recycled pellets from a waste plant. 3D printers printed 4,000 HexCores building blocks similar in shape to honeycomb which is designed to be light and strong. The honeycomb-shaped pieces are then puzzled together to build the Solar Voyager.

The finished vehicle which will be powered solely by the sun, will carry 10 solar panels and food for forty-seven days.

The Clean2Antartica mission is creating awareness around the beautiful continent which is currently protected by the Antarctic Treaty. Edwin and Liesbeth ter Velde will drive the Solar Voyager a total of 2400km across Antarctica to the South Pole and back, creating world awareness around the treaty and its importance. Antarctica is zero waste by law, making it the ideal destination for a zero waste adventure.

The couple’s blog can be followed here.