BreachWatch Launches New Dark Web Monitoring Tool

The cybersecurity startup, Keeper Security, has launched BreachWatch, a service which monitors the dark web for users’ hacked information.

BreachWatch provides in-depth monitoring of the dark web, for compromised credentials. Allowing the user to be notified in real-time, if their details have been part of a breach. The app then prompts the user to update their credentials for the breached website.

Keeper Security is a zero-knowledge security provider, offering services for both business and individuals.

Certified for use by the Federal government, the company partners with mobile phone operators to pre-load Keeper on mobile devices.

Keepers’ new addition, BreachWatch costs $19.99 per year allowing for unlimited scans and on unlimited devices. Once active BreachWatch will continually scour the dark web for information stolen by hackers.

Hackers are advancing daily and monopolise on selling personal information and passwords before the owner realises, they have been hacked. BreatchWatch aims to eliminate this problem providing users with peace of mind knowing if their information is stolen, they will know about immediately.