Wearable fitness tracker for your pooch released

There are numerous fitness trackers on the market for us humans, and now man’s best friend has one too!

PoochPlay is the first wearable fitness device for your dog, striving to offer users an all-in-one solution to their canines’ health & fitness management. 

Designed to be ‘totally dog-proof’, PoochPlay effortlessly attaches to the dog’s collar allowing the owner to record his pets’ activity and rest. The data is managed on your smartphone, with an easy to use app that is personalized to your pooch.

The wearable enables owners to monitor all aspects of their dog’s health from their weight scale, deworming, to vaccination appointments and everything else in between.

Powered by a replicable CR2032 battery and lasting for six months, PoochPlay offers extensive insight into over 240 breeds and a vast database of dog foods, allowing for the app to even tell you how many grams your pup should be eating each day. PoochPlay says this device could add up to two years to a dog’s life.

Retailing at $52.39 PoochPlay is available is a variety of colours to suit your pups unique style.