YouTube introduces Miniplayer to its Desktop Site

YouTube has introduced an in-browser Miniplayer for desktop users, allowing viewers to watch videos whist browsing through the YouTube site. The new feature was announced earlier this month.

Although the Miniplayer has already been a popular feature on the YouTube mobile app, up until now viewers on the desktop site would have to have multiple tabs open if they wanted to browse YouTube and watch a video at the same time.

This new feature allows viewers to pause, seek, and play the previous/next video using controls on the Miniplayer. You can dismiss the Miniplayer by hitting the “X” button or ESC on your keyboard. To get back to the regular video, you can click on the Miniplayer title or on the Miniplayer video player (outside of the controls). The MiniPlayer is said to support Playlists as well as Livestreams.

The update is expected to be warmly welcomed by avid multi-taskers using YouTube’s desktop site.